Victory Contractors

"Victory Contractors is a full-scale design build construction management firm. our dual Class A and Class B licenses allow us to perform both vertical construction and offsite infrastructure.


Remodel, Upgrade, Repair: For Complete Subdivisions or a Single Family Home, Victory Contractors Makes It Better -- Fast!

Whether you're a commercial property owner, property management company, business owner or homeowner, your property will inevitably need repairs, upgrades, remodeling. Victory Contractors will handle the work scope quickly, efficiently, on time and on budget, whether you're in charge of a 100-condo complex, a multi-family development, subdivision or a single residence.

We can work from your designs, complete plans somebody else has drawn up, build from scratch or complete work someone else started. Our work scope includes:

  • Interior: move interior walls, paint halls and walls, install ceiling fixtures, insulation, steel set reframing, fire alarms, elevators, sinks, drinking fountains, telephones… and virtually anything else.
  • Exterior: brick work, veneer work, asphalt repairs, slurry coating or striping of parking lots, concrete work, landscaping, walls, fences -- every aspect of offsite infrastructure.
  • Insurance repairs: Between earthquakes, storm damage and tenant misjudgment, at some point you're going to need insurance repairs. Victory Contractors can move quickly to fix the problem and return your property to full functionality and safety.

For homeowners, you get the advantage of working with a totally professional company that has vast experience and understands your needs. We handle it all for you. You get experts on each of the work scopes required – and because each team specializes in their part of the job, they do the work more quickly and efficiently than a "Jack of all trades" or handymen who try to do all the work themselves.

The result? The job gets done more quickly, more efficiently, and with better results than if you went to a jack-of-all-trades company.

Whether you're looking to improve it or repair it, Victory Contractors can get the job done right the first time. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you: 626-574-9453.